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What is axe throwing and is it safe?

Axe throwing is an exciting sport that consists of throwing lightweight hatchets (approximately 2 lbs) from a 15 foot line at targets with different scoring rings, consisting of one bullseye and two “clutches”, all worth varying points. Sessions are 90 minutes long. An axe coach will go over safety and instruction, explaining rules, scoring, and throwing techniques. Axe throwing is actually safer than bowling! It’s a very safe sport and you will be monitored for safety throughout your session at Axes and Os.

How much does it cost?

Axe throwing sessions are 90 minutes long and the cost for groups less than 21 people is $40/person. Large groups of 21 or more people are discounted to $35/person. Every axe throwing session includes a dedicated axe coach for safety, instruction, food/beverage service, and guidance. 

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just walk in?

We strongly recommend making reservations in order to ensure you are able to throw during your desired date and time slot. Reservations for less than 21 people are easily made here on our website. We require a 50% deposit at booking, and then the remaining balance is due upon completion of your session. All attendees must be at least 10 years of age for entry, wear closed-toe shoes, and sign a safety waiver prior to entering into the axe arenas. (A Parent or legal guardian is required to sign for minors under 18).


Large parties of 21 or more people must email us for more information. We are able to take walk-ins based on availability, and will do our best to accommodate you; however, we are not able to guarantee that you will be able to throw without a reservation.


*In order to qualify for a private lane (a total of two axe throwing targets), your group size must be a minimum of six (6) people. Small parties will be assigned one target and will share a lane with other throwers. 

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, everyone must be at least 10 years of age or older for entry. We do not allow anyone under the age of 10 to enter the premises. Throwers ages 10-17 must have parent or legal guardian sign a safety waiver. 

What is your cancellation policy?
What if less people show up than the number on the reservation?
What if I’m late to my reservation?

Regular reservations (less than 21 people) require a 7 day notice for cancellation in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. If notice is given a minimum of 72 hours prior to your reservation, we are able to move your reservation to future date and apply your deposit to that reservation. The new reservation date must be within 6 months of the original reservation date or the deposit will be forfeited.


To reduce your party size, a minimum of 72 hours notice must be given, or your reservation will still be charged the full amount of the original number in the reservation.


If you are running late to your reservation, please give us a call at 703-404-2937 so we do not hold up other parties waiting for you. We will do our best to have your group get in as much axe throwing as possible, however we still need to end on time in order to get ready for the next group of reservations. 

 Do you sell food and alcohol?
Am I allowed to bring in outside food?

Yes! We have delicious food and beer from 12 local breweries on tap! (YES, alcohol and axes is safe…remember that you have an axe coach for safety). We also have a great selection of wine, cider, seltzer, canned cocktails and more. We offer N/A beer and have soda as well.


Unfortunately, no outside food or drinks are allowed on premises.


*We do allow one outside cake or an order of cupcakes for birthdays/celebrations.

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